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  Tiki Shewan

6ème DAN

Malcolm Tiki Shewan, born may 19, 1951 in Somerville, New Jersey, USA. Early, about 6, he start to practice fencing (sword and saber) with master Frederick Rhodes, old prussian officer, one of the best european fine swordsman, in Rhodes Academy of Fencing. At 8, he start Judo at the well known Budokwaide, London. In 1962, back in the USA, he's practicing only fencing with master Rhodes. In Rhodes Academy, he start with IAIDO, japanese sword drawing art, with japanese masters of Kendo and Iaïdo, Reverend Khan, buddhist monk at Zen temple of New York. He met Nobuyoshi Tamura at 19 in Lausanne, Swiss, during studies. In 1973, his teacher offer him an aïkido teacher job in Cannes, France. In 1982, M. Shewan in National Technique Responsible (RTN) at the French Free Federation of Aïkido and Budo (F.F.L.A.B.), Aikikai of France. In 1983, he wrote "Iaido, Art of Draw Japanese Sword" 5000 exemplaries sold in France. He manage the Iaïdo stage in Lesneven. Directing of the European IaÏdo Federation.


Nowadays, he study Budo and old japanese metallurgy, and work on a next book about japanese budo practice by an occidental. His hobby is fly fishing wich he practice since childhood. He write many articles about fishing wich are published in specialized press, in France and in USA. He wrote a book about knots for use in fishing and yachting: "Practical manual of knots".
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