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  Toshiro Suga

7th DAN

Toshiro Suga is born august 22, 1950, Tokyo, Japan.
Toshirô Suga practice judo when he was 15 years old in one of the best Tokyo police dojo. At 17, on the advice of his father, he start the practice of Aïkido (febrary 16, 1968) at Aikikai so Hombu Dojo, Tokyo. During a year and half, he learn with the daily advices of Morihei Ueshiba during the teach of Sadateru Arikawa sensei, known for his extremely martial practice. As well, he follow the diary teaching of Mitsugi Saotome sensei, Akira Tohei sensei, Yasuo Kobayashi sensei, Tohei Koichi sensei, Kisshomaru Ueshiba sensei and Morihiro Saito sensei.
Toshirô Suga arrive in France august 11, 1971. He met Nobuyoshi Tamura sensei from he learn now the teaching. Responsable of National teaching (CEN) at FFAB, he hold the rank of 6th dan. He hand his teaching down to pupils during international stages in France and all aroud the world.
Student of the french national art college in Paris during the seventies, he has done many painting exhibitions in Paris and Tokyo. He is member for life of the « Salon » He had a brief career in cinema, where his best known part was as Chang in the James Bond film Moonraker (Lewis Gilbert, 1979).


"Ken, the roots of aïkido"
"Jo, the pillar of aïkido"
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En Aïkido, l'entraînement n'est pas fait pour devenir plus fort ou vaincre l'adversaire. Non. Il aide à avoir l'esprit de se mettre au centre de l'Univers et de contribuer à la paix mondiale, de faire que tous les êtres humains forment une grande famille.

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